9 Types of Reports

Nine types of reports that Treelink offers:

  • Opportunity category breakdown. Graph the number of opportunities you have using a donut chart. Opportunities can be filtered by forecast dates, pipelines, users, currency and other categories.
  • Reasons for losing opportunities. Pinpoint the main reasons you’re losing business. Lost opportunities are graphed using pre-set reasons for a given criteria.
  • Opportunity pipeline stage distribution. See where opportunities are in your pipeline, such as whether they are in the early stages or near closing based on forecast close dates.
  • Opportunity funnel analysis. Find out how many opportunities are at each stage of your pipeline.
  • Opportunities by responsible user. Identify your top performers, such as who closed the most opportunities and who generated the most revenue for your business.
  • Opportunities by organization. See which clients are giving you the most revenue and opportunities. These can be filtered by pipeline, opportunity, tags and other categories.
  • Opportunities custom field report. Create opportunity reports based on user-set fields.
  • Total incoming opportunities. Determine how many opportunities your team generated for a certain time period, for instance, on a monthly basis for the last year.
  • Value of opportunities won. Discover who the most and least successful members of your sales team are based on opportunities and total revenue at any given time period.
  • Completed tasks and events. Measure your team’s productivity. Find out who completed the most tasks at a given period; which clients, projects and opportunities resulted in the most calls, emails and meetings — and which took the most work and time; whether tasks were completed by deadline; and much more.


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