Ease of Use

Very small businesses don’t have the time to deal with technically complicated CRM software, or the resources to implement lengthy training programs. What makes Treelink especially microbusiness-friendly is that it offers a very simple, easy to use interface, even for the least tech-savvy employee.

When we first logged in to Treelink, we immediately liked its clean and intuitive dashboard. We could easily find the different functions of the software using the left sidebar navigation, which is divided into eight key sections: Home, Tasks, Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, Projects, Emails and Reports.

The sections are just as easy to navigate. Items like tasks, contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects are laid out in a simple list, and you can easily add new items by clicking on the New button. There is also a sidebar on the right that allows you to quickly perform tasks such as filtering items by tags; accessing reports; and adding, importing and exporting content.


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