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Just because you’re a micro-business doesn’t mean you can afford to waste time micromanaging. The best CRM software for really small businesses offers enough automated features where they really matter, so you can spend more time growing your company and less time managing daily minutiae.

Here are five ways small business owners said Treelink CRM helps them to save time and to focus more on their businesses:

Contact management. Treelink saves you time by giving you instant access to everything you need to know about contacts and by automating your address book. The software stores basic information like phone numbers, email and physical addresses, but also gives you a comprehensive view of each contact, with background data, communication histories, important dates, and opportunities and deals they are associated with. You can also tag contacts, add additional information using custom fields and notes, and link contacts to projects and other contacts. Additionally, Treelink automatically saves contact information from email correspondence, mailing lists, Web forms and other sources of data.

Project management. One feature small business owners said they love most about Insightly is its project management capability. They said the software helps them save time by providing an automated, one-stop shop for managing tasks, events and projects, eliminating the need to use multiple solutions. Project management features include task, pipeline and email tracking; detailed project reporting (such as daily progress reports); automatic deadline reminders via email; and the ability to create and measure milestones. You can also link projects to contacts and team members for fast, easy reference.

Business management. Skip extra steps and manage your business right from your dashboard. You can view real-time data and reports, create and track tasks, review milestones and opportunities, view calendars and future deadlines, and more. Additionally, Treelink lets you set automated activities and background processes, so you don’t have to waste time manually performing repetitive tasks.

Social CRM. Treelink can gather social media data — such as usernames and recent posts and activities — and automatically add them to each contact’s profile. This way, you don’t have to spend time scouring different platforms to find where your customers are active online and see what they are saying about your business or whether they are looking for your products and services.

Mobile CRM. Get access to your CRM wherever you are from your smartphone or tablet. Treelink’s mobile website, iOS app and Android app let you perform a wide range of tasks, such as accessing your contacts, creating activities and tracking projects.


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